Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare and Maintenance

PINK offer continued support for you and your system – you can message us any time, any day. Whether you have a query, need advice, or are looking for products to maintain your system – the services we offer are second-to-none.

Maintenance Services

Wash and Blow-Dry (Human Hair)£32.95 – £39.95
Wash and Steam (Synthetic Only)£29.95 - £37.95
Cut and Style£49.95 - £59.95
Cut Only£22.95
Colouring£15.95 - £25.95
ReducementStarting from £19.95
Hair Adding[getaquote]
RepairsStarts from £19.95
Scalp TreatmentsStarts from £19.95
OlaplexStarts from £25.95
Bond Touch-Up (tack down on front hairline only)£13.95
Wedding Hair[getaquote]
Wash and blow-dry (human hair)
£32.95 - £39.95

With our wash and blow-dry service you are able to treat us exactly as you would your regular hairdressers. Whether you have a special event so would like a ‘freshen-up’ or if you would just like a regular maintenance service to keep your wig / top-piece in the best condition. For permanent attachments (adhesive or micro point) a wash and blow-dry can be done with the system attached, or alternatively for semi-permanent attachments (tape or clips) you can drop the wig / top-piece off to us, and then collect at a time that suits. Most ladies have 2 wigs / top-pieces so they are able to leave one here with us, whilst wearing the other, to make the maintenance process as easy and convenient as possible.

Wash and steam (synthetic only)
£29.95 - £37.95

Similarly to our wash and blow-dry for human hair, a wash and steam service for synthetic hair is the best option for event hairstyling or regular maintenance. We advise that a synthetic wig / top-piece is washed and steamed at least every 6 weeks. We use a specialized wig steamer to reduce the static build up caused by friction between the synthetic hair and other fibers e.g., clothing, and rejuvenate your wig, prolonging the lifespan.

Cut and Style
£49.95 - £59.95

Sometimes, when ladies book in for a wash and blow dry or wash and steam, we find that their own hair beneath the wig / top-piece may need cutting in order to blend more seamlessly. Furthermore, if a wig or top-piece requires more than a trim, or if we are entirely changing the style of the wig / top-piece, this is what we would consider a ‘cut and style’. With this service, we wash and blow dry or steam your wig / top-piece, wash and blow dry your own hair, and then cut and style as required, including a trim your own hair if required.

Cut Only

As your own hair grows, we advise you to have trims on your own hair. For instance, if you have undergone chemotherapy and need trims to keep your hair in good condition, or if your hair has grown more in length underneath a full-head wig, we would recommend coming in to see us for regular haircuts. If you wear a top piece, you may find that as your hair grows around the piece, it requires a trim to keep the blend between the piece and your own hair as flawless as possible.

Colouring (human hair)
£15.95 - £25.95

Another hairdressing service we offer in order to be able to provide a complete package here at PINK, is hair colouring. We use specialist colours and techniques to colour both your own hair and your wig / hair system if required. Our aim is to create the perfect match between your own hair and your wig / top-piece. So, if you would like to go a shade darker, or fall in love with a wig that doesn’t quite match your own hair, this is no problem at all! We can even colour wigs with grey percentages without losing any of the grey (when the grey hair is synthetic) as it is not affected by colouring, meaning if your wig has lightened, and needs returning back to its original colour, the hair around the grey will do so, and the grey will remain.

Reducements, hair-venting and repairs

At PINK, we can reduce the base of many wigs to ensure a perfect fit, as well as sew in clips, add tape areas, and non-slip silicon patches. As most wigs come in a standard cap size (unless they are petite, children wigs, or ¾ caps) this may mean we need to ‘reduce’ a wig to customize to your sizing. This can be done by removing wefts and expertly stitching the base back into place. We also offer hair venting and repair work. Hair venting is a process of hand knotting individual hairs into the base of a wig / top-piece, and is needed for many reasons, such as thickening an area that may have lost hair, under knotting the front to create ‘baby hairs’ or to add grey percentages. Repairs in cases where you may have accidentally caused damage, would require a consultation with one of our specialists to determine the best course of action.

Perming (human hair)

Perming a human hair top-piece is a great way to customize a top-piece to your required curl pattern, without having to order custom-made. Pre-designed pieces that we hold in stock will usually have a light body wave in them, but if you have a more defined curl, we can achieve this for you by perming the hair.

Scalp treatments
Starts from £19.95

Our range of intensive medicated scalp treatments can be done in conjunction with your maintenance appointments here in-clinic. Our scalp treatments target scaling and flaking, reduce inflammation, and promote blood-flow for hair growth. If you are concerned about a scalp condition, our Trichologist can advise the appropriate treatment.

Starts from £25.95

Olaplex is a three-step process that aims to repair and prevent hair damage. It works on a molecular level by restoring disulfide bonds. OLAPLEX can be used on all 100% human hair wigs and top-pieces. Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, manageable shiny hair and with OLAPLEX, that can become a reality!

Bond Touch-Up (tack down on front hairline only)

If you aren’t quite in need of a full maintenance service, and just need to touch up the front hairline, to bond it back down temporarily, we offer a ‘tack-down’. We will gently peel back the front hairline, clean with our solvent, replace the adhesive, and bond back down to ensure the front remains secure until you visit us for your main service.

Wedding hair

For your special day, we understand how important it is for you to look and feel beautiful. Whether you currently wear a wig / top-piece, or would like to do so for your big day, PINK are here to help. Our talented team have years of experience with wedding and event hairstyles, and are dedicated to fulfilling your dream look. Both human hair and synthetic wigs can achieve stunning wedding hairstyles. You can book your FREE consultation to discuss your wedding hair with us, then arrange your hair trial to truly bring your vision to life with your accessories and embellishments. We recommend enquiring about your wedding hair around 6 months before your special day.

Thin Hair? We Care!

At PINK, we understand you may not feel comfortable visiting an open salon if you have, or have had, hair loss / thin hair. Whether you wear a wig or not, our aim is to make you feel good, by making your hair look great! Our team are experienced when it comes to styling thin hair, to achieve the best look for you.

Services for Permanent Attachments


Full Re-Groom / Re-Attachment

For Adhesive OR Micropoint – Up to 4 weeks after your previous service, it is advised to have your wig/top-piece removed for cleaning, then re-attached. During a re-groom service, we clean the base of your wig/top-piece, exfoliate your scalp, cleanse using a medicated mud mask (adhesive clients), shampoo your hair and wig/top-piece, blow-dry, style, and cut.



Our stylists are unrivalled in their ability to blend new hair systems into your existing hair. Your new wig/top-piece will be washed, cut, styled, and seamlessly attached. We offer our fitting service to clients with wigs/top-pieces purchased elsewhere too – contact us now to find out why you should choose or switch to us!


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