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Other Reasons

Hormone Deficiencies - For example, an imbalance in Thyroid hormones can cause hair loss, along with the medication prescribed for it.

Age - Each hair in your scalp grows for up to 6 years before it rests and falls out - a new hair will then replace it and grow again. As we age, the hair will miniaturise and become thinner all over, enabling you to see through the hair to the scalp.

Stress - The effects of the daily stresses in life have an effect on our hair. In some instances, when the brain and body has experienced some form of shock, i.e. illness, loss of a family member or friend, you may see hair loss occur for up to 3 months after the event.

Over Processed - Over processed or dehydrated hair often causes the breakage of hair rather than complete hair loss but can be equally as distressing.

Side effects of prescription drugs - Many commonly prescribed prescription drugs can cause temporary hair loss, trigger the onset of male pattern baldness, and even cause permanent hair loss. Doctors may not mention hair loss as a side effect of some drugs, so we advise to make yourself aware of the manufacturer’s warnings and side effects that will be provided with your medication or ask your pharmacist for more information.