“ Specialists in Hair Replacement, Head Wear, Mastectomy Lingerie & Swimwear ”

Custom Made

We have many years’ experience & knowledge and understand the needs of new clients when they ask for something specific. When we do a consultation with a client, their lifestyle makes a huge difference on what product, base hair and attachments we would recommend.

A custom-made hair piece means exactly that! When a client has had a consultation and we understand the area to cover, we will take a shape/mould of the scalp to give us the correct contour. We take hair samples where possible, but if not, we have many hair swatches to choose the exact colour from - we can even match grey percentages in the hair if desired.

We will discuss the density of your hair to ensure you are happy with it and offer differing types of hair curls, such as afro 3mm to straight hair, and we can help you choose the most appropriate curl during your consultation. The base structure will be chosen on the attachment that you require: from a unit that is taped on and changed daily, to a monthly change, where you are invited into the centre to change your attachment. As you can see, pretty much everything is catered for your precise requirements.