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Trichotillomania is a rare impulse contro0l disorder in which the sufferer compulsively pulls out thier hair from their scalp,eyelasshes eyebrows, or pubic area. Some pluck each hair out at the roots,others may pull large handfulls at a time.

The direct causes of Trichotillomania are unknown , some evidence suggests that this behaviour can leade to some peoplle hiding the condition. In extreme cases the swallowing of the extracted hair can cause internal blockage

What options are available to me to cover my hair loss ?

In small areas - Mane spray can be used to give the illusion of full hair coverage and is availble in various diffrent coluors to match your natural hair colour.If the area of hair loss is large or affects the style of your hair, a partial or full head piece could be considerd. There are a variety of diffrent types of hair pieces and wigs available. In some cases,to prevent repetative pulling a hair piece can be attached to the affected area.