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I have worked in hair replacement for over 25 years, if you had asked me five years ago which type of hair I would wear if I had hair loss it would have been human hair, but these days I would probably sway towards synthetic.

The advantages of synthetic wigs and hair pieces is that the style is already produced for you in production and can be trimmed as required. It does not fade as quick as Human Hair and when washed in luke-warm water it can be left to dry naturally and the shape will fall back into place easily. Synthetic wigs can be slipped on and off easily so if you have problems lifting your arms, for example if you have had a mastectomy, the synthetic is better as you would not need to blow dry the hair. However if you like more shaping, styling/straightening then Human Hair is a better option for you.

Most synthetic wigs are elasticated to hold onto your head and often have adjusters at the back to tighten if desired, they offer a very good range of hair colours often quite vibrant as they are not bleached like human hair. The life span of synthetic hair is 3 to 6 months and at Pink we also offer a steaming service to maintain the look of your hair and reduce static build up. Full home maintenance will be provided for you to look after your synthetic hair at home.