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Stock Units

Stock Units are a more affordable way to wear hair replacement and in fifty percent of the time we are able to accomodate you hair replacement needs with a stock system. At Pink we will always offer you a stock unit before a custom made is needed. The only reasons why you would choose a custom made hair replacement system as opposed to a stock unit would be:

  • You require more than one colour within the hair.
  • You require grey percentages in different areas.
  • The cap size is bigger than the normal size of 9x7 inches or a full head doesn't fit properly.
  • If you have Alopecia the attachment is more specialised so you do not put pressure on your remaining hair.
  • If you have Trichotillomania the area that is being pulled is better if it is covered, normally only on one side of the head or a particular area which a custom made will cover.