Wigs and Hair Pieces

Pre-Designed Wigs and Hair Pieces

At Pink, we hold hundreds of pre-designed wigs and hair pieces in stock, in both human, and synthetic hair, in a wide variety of styles and colours. We also provide custom-made wigs and hair pieces, entirely bespoke, if a pre-designed wig isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Stock wigs and hair-pieces are a great option if you need a quick, affordable, hair loss solution, as oftentimes, when you come in for your FREE consultation, we are able to accommodate your needs on the same day.

As stock wigs are pre-designed, they come in a vast range of styles, lengths, colours and base constructions. Although they are pre-made, this does not mean we aren’t able to customize them for you – the options truly are endless! Any cutting and styling required to make your wig 100% YOU, is done in-clinic by our experienced stylists – we can also reduce the base of many wigs for women to ensure a perfect fit, as well as sew in clips, add tape areas, and non-slip silicon patches.

Custom-Made Wig or Hair System?

Most full-head wigs come in a standard size, but we do hold a selection of petite and large cap wigs in stock. We also hold children’s wigs in stock, and can customize petite cap wigs for children / young adults. As for top-pieces, usually these are 8”x10” or smaller. We do have ¾ cap wigs and fringe pieces available also.

In the instance that your needs are more suited to a custom-made wig or hair system, our team will advise as such during your consultation. You will be guided through the order and production process – we will take measurements, create a template of your scalp and discuss your requirements for colour, length, curl pattern and density.

Pre-Designed or Custom-Made?



Human Hair or Synthetic?

Human Hair

Synthetic Hair

Which Attachment-Type is Right For Me?

Full-head wigs are designed to be worn with little/no hair underneath, as they are ‘head-huggers’ so intended to fit flush to the scalp to ensure maximum comfort. Tape areas and non-slip silicon patches can be sewn into your wig should you need them. If you have hair beneath, you may need clips attaching to the wig, to secure this. With top pieces, these are designed to be worn with your existing hair, so these can be clipped in or you may choose one of our other attachment types.



Clips can be sewn into full-head wigs and top-pieces, very user-friendly, freedom to take the wig/piece on and off as you please.



Tape can be used on lace, or poly bases (or tape areas), easy to change tape at home with products available for purchase at reception, freedom to take the wig/piece on and off as you please.



Micropoint is used with existing hair, can last up to 4 weeks, suitable for most base types.



Adhesive is used in direct contact with the scalp, can last up to 4 weeks, suitable for most base types.

Free Consultation

At PINK we offer FREE one-to-one hair loss consultations. Our discretion extends far beyond our clinic frontage; as we have 7 private consultation rooms and an elite team with years of first-hand understanding and experience, to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us.

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