If a wig / hair-piece isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we offer a wide range of concealment products available to purchase via reception.

Thickening Spray

This is a great option if you suffer with diffuse thinning, or a roaming alopecia. The pigmented spray is used in direct contact with the scalp, to cover any areas of hair loss. The hair thickening spray is specifically developed to provide instantly thicker, natural looking hair. Using micro-mineral particles, the spray will bond to existing hair around the areas of hair loss, and sit on the scalp, sealed in with a seal and control spray – changing the way you look and feel within seconds! The spray is available in different shades, which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect colour tone to blend in with your own hair. The spray is easy to use, and offers a great alternative to buying a wig or top-piece if you aren’t quite ready to do so, or if your area of hair loss is still actively moving or growing. You can purchase our hair thickening spray, and seal and control spray, directly through reception. Should you need any advice, or can’t decide if this is the right option for you, please contact us for more information, we will be happy to help.


A fringe can be a good alternative to wearing a full wig or top-piece. We have different types of fringes available in stock – ones that can be clipped into your existing hair, and others that sit on a band to be worn with a hat or headscarf. Our halo fringes are made using synthetic hair, and can be washed and steamed as you would with any synthetic wig or top-piece. These fringes are made in many colours, and different lengths, so can be cut and styled to your preferences. Our frontal fringes are made using human hair, and can be maintained as you would with a human hair wig or top-piece. Human hair fringes are available in several colours, and different lengths, so can be cut and styled to your preferences. To view and try on our range of fringes, please book in for your FREE consultation.


We hold hundreds of hats, turbans and headscarves in stock. Headwear is a comfortable solution for hair loss for those who prefer not to wear a wig, or for those who do not wish to wear a wig at all times. We recommend purchasing headwear alongside your wig if you are undergoing chemotherapy, to wear whilst having treatment, or during the night, for warmth, as we do not recommend wearing your wig to sleep in. As the styles, colours and patterns change frequently depending on our stock level, we do not have an online catalogue, so if you are interested in viewing and trying on headwear from our collection, please book in for your FREE consultation.

Temporary Eyebrows Transfers

Eyebrow hair Loss

It is common in both Women and Men to experience facial hair loss.

Age – For most people eyebrow thinning is something that happens naturally when you get older

Alopecia – Can affect different parts of the body including eyebrows some people experience partial or complete hair loss this can happen gradually or over a short period of time.

Chemotherapy – Some chemotherapy drugs my cause your eyebrows to become thinner or fall out completely this can often happen at a later stage to when the scalp hair falls.

At Pink Hair Solutions we offer a full range of concealment products, temporary Eyebrows is one of them, eyebrows being one of the most prominent, visible areas of the body, people often find this hard to find the right solution.

Why choose Temporary Eyebrows?

  • Realistic & versatile
  • Quick, easy & effective
  • Variety of styles & shades
  • Painless & affordable
  • No age limit
  • Lasts up to 24-72hr
  • Waterproof

Temporary Eyebrow transfers – How do they work?

Ensure your skin surface is makeup free, Avoid any oils or face creams around the brow transfers. Take your time with application, the better the application the better your results.


Cut out one set of transfer brows as neat as possible. You should have two separates. Brows one for the left, and for the right.


Peel back the clear film from the transfer and carefully place where your eyebrow should be. Top tip, place both brows before application to ensure positioning. Remember brows are sisters’ not twins.


Using a damp towel carefully dab the template down, ensuring the full transfer is wet. Apply light pressure for around 10-15 seconds be careful not to move the template whilst applying.


Carefully peel back the template ensuring the brow has fully transferred to your skin. Do not peel back unless sure the transfer has come away from the template.


Once the templates are removed, Dab down the transfer with a dry cloth. Ensure the brow is completely stuck to your skin & say Hello to your new eyebrows!

If you would like to purchase some of our temporary eyebrow transfers, please contact us on 01221 350 3826 or pop by the clinic to see the variety of styles and colours.

Free Consultation

At PINK we offer FREE one-to-one hair loss consultations. Our discretion extends far beyond our clinic frontage; as we have 7 private consultation rooms and an elite team with years of first-hand understanding and experience, to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us.

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