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Microscopy  is the technical field of using microscopes to view samples or objects.

At Pink we use this technology to assess the condition of individual scalps, hair follicles and hair bulbs, this allows us to see problems occurring before the hair penetrates through the scalp, then any problems can be treated at source rather than having to wait until the hair is through or even identifying why the hair is not growing at all.

Once the problem is identified we can offer a range of products based on our findings, efficient hair care is based on the individual condition of the scalp, as well as on the development phases of the hair. Pink use the Methode Regenerante range from La Biosthetique, scalp and shampoo products that strengthen and support the hairs natural lifecycle, balance out any nutritional deficits in the hair roots and often results in an improved hair and scalp condition.

A microscopic consultation costs £75.00 and consists of the extraction of 15 - 20 hairs from the head which are then viewed under the microscope, clients can view the findings and the biosthetician will explain what is causing the clients hair problems and offer a range of products to help.