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Hair Extensions - Hair Integration

Normal Hair Extensions

Clients normally have extensions attached to their own hair to give length and fullness. They can be attached by different means for example beading and bonding. Up to 60% of your own hair is used to hold extensions, however, after an extended time of usage, this can cause traction alopecia in severe cases and can also cause weakness and breakage.

A lot of companies providing extensions use synthetic hair to keep the cost down as opposed to human hair as it is much more expensive. When synthetic hair is added to your own hair, this does not provide you with a natural look and long term, the synthetic can frizz due to static. The length of time to fit these types of extensions can be up to four hours dependant on the number of extensions and length.

Hair Integration at Pink

Our integration system at Pink consists of a network of human hair that allows your own hair to be pulled through. It can be bonded in smaller areas to give complete hold with less than half of the bonding fusion used. It can give you as much hair and length as normal extensions, without the pressure on your own roots. We use only human hair so it can be used for up to 6-9 months when having a retightening service, thus not having to replace at every service as with normal extensions - it also provides a natural finish.

Our retightening service is completed every 4 to 6 weeks, dependant on the length of your own hair it will take up to two hours to achieve a full retighten. The maximum cost of this service without colouring is £75.00 which is more cost effective than normal hair extension fittings.

Ladies mistakenly choose to have normal hair extensions when they are thinning at the front and crown area, but with our integration system a partial part or fringe can be added to give a complete look.

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